• File manager
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Instant messaging
  • Forum
  • Task Manager
  • Contacts directory
  • Bookmark manager
  • Newsletters
File manager
This is a module for storing and sharing files. Each file can be historized to keep old versions. Several large files can be added in one click. Images can be displayed via a viewer and videos via an integrated player.
Each space includes a shared calendar and each user has a personal calendar. Shared calendars can be created to manage room bookings, equipment bookings, etc. Multiple calendars can be displayed simultaneously, eg to check availability of everyone before setting a meeting. Files can be attached to each event, for example to add the program of a meeting.
This module displays the latest news to the attention of your team. It can be used in the manner of a display panel. The news are layouts via an integrated text editor. You can add videos (Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.). Files can be attached to each news. Thus, images or mp4 videos can be directly integrated into your news.
Instant messaging
The messenger is activated when you connect to your space. It is accessible from the main menu bar (top of page). This tool allows instant conversation with two or more users.
The forum is an effective way to exchange ideas with your team. It also avoids chaotic discussions by interposed mails, which often make us lose precious time. Messages are formatted via an integrated text editor. Messages can be grouped by theme.
Task Manager
This tool enables the creation and sharing of tasks. It helps your team to be organized around a common project, segmented and prioritized in time (see timeline). Each task can have the following properties : date of start / end, priority, percentage of completion, responsible persons, etc. The tasks with a start date and end date are displayed in a timeline. We can thus quickly view the progress and duration of the tasks of a project. This view is similar to a Gantt chart.
Contacts directory
This tool allows the archiving and sharing of contacts : natural or legal persons. Contacts with an address can be displayed via a Map and Files can be attached to each contact.
Bookmark manager
This tool allows you to send newsletters by email to the members of your team and your contacts. Newsletters are layouts via an integrated text editor and files can be attached to each newsletter.
Mobile and tablets compatible
An adaptive interface, to stay in touch with your team from your computer, mobile or tablet. Omnispace application now on Android et IOS.
Your datas are secure
Access to your space is encrypted via the SSL/TLS protocol and your data backed up daily on a secondary datacenter.
Hosted in Europe
Omnispace data and servers are located in France in the data centers of the European leader OVH
Privacy Policy
The data remain the property of their respective owners and is not the object of any commercial exploitation or advertising tracking.
The cost per user is very (very) affordable. Example: 1,38 € per user per year for an offer Omnispace 50
Simple, complete and fast
Omnispace is complete, ergonomic, and fast to set up! The application is translated into French, English and Spanish.
Simply increase the size of your space for more users or disk space. The tool is also updated regularly to bring more features.
Share large files
Share very large files (up to 300 MB), usually too large to be exchanged by mail.
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